21 December 2012

Brownhill Creek Diversion; Fact Sheet


The fact sheet distributed at last Tuesday's meeting can now be found at this location. This describes the current proposal but does not give a lot of detail about proposed future works that  are pending as the Stormwater Management Authority starts on their flood proofing programme.
This detail can be found at
http://www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Brown%20Hill%20Keswick%20Creek%20Stormwater%20Project%20-%20ByPass%20Culvert%20Feasibility%20Assessment%20(Hampton%20Street%20To%20Forestville%20Reserve)%20-%2026%20April%202012.pdf. (the Devon St diversion is what is currently being constructed).
This is part of a detailed list of reports that are at;
The Mitcham website seems easier to work with on this one!

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