05 December 2012

Public Meeting ; 4th Dec

About 100 people met last night at Goodwood Primary School to
  • select a committee for a newly formed Residents Action Group
  • to hear a presentation and to ask questions and seek answers  from DPTI about ongoing concerns regarding the Goodwood Junction, rail electrification and Greenways project.
The meeting was organised by Stephanie Key. This is something that Don and I had been trying to get since the project was first conceived and funded. So thanks to Steph for managing to get this.
I was disappointed that Luigi Rossi, the Manager of the project, had not updated his slides in lieu of recent changes. Residents need to understand that this has been, and will probably continue to be, a moving feast. that is changes in detail can still be made if enough people who don't want it complain. This is evidenced most recently by ;
  • the change in haulage routes so most soil will be removed via the train corridor
  • dust management
  • noise abatement measures both during construction and on completion if the current noise levels are not diminished
  • the design of the Brownhill Creel diversion as it enters Forestville Reserve (there will be public meeting just on this topic next week-I don't have the date or time yest)
  • potentially the addition of screens (noise and visual barriers) at some locations
I was definitely the angriest person at the meeting when Luigi directly contradicted what he had told Councillors at a briefing on Monday night. This was concerning the Leah/Aroha/Victoria  intersection when Victoria St is closed to traffic next Monday. He will get back to me on what will happen; either manning the intersection to allow traffic to flow safely regardless of direction or chaos.

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  1. It was good to see so many concerned residents attend last night, but I wonder how many more would have attended had they known the extent of the problems they face and also even about the meeting.
    I must say I was disappointed in many aspects of last night’s meeting (none of which are Council’s problem) –

    The attempt to side track the early meeting by wasting time on the formation of a long term residents action group when we were all there for the short term immediate action around the Goodwood Junction rail project;
    The failure to really address why there were 2 different invitations to last night’s meetings;
    The abysmal PowerPoint from DTEI with so many errors of fact - they had had plenty of time to make corrections to it – it does not take long to make a change to an existing slide.
    DTEI failure to explain / address the culvert issue properly - they pass the buck to you on council saying it is your project, but then say DTEI has purchased the Devon Street South properties for demolition for the culvert. Who really owns that project?
    Lack of sufficiently wide consultation / information sharing by DTEI about he project and its impact.
    I sincerely hope that DTEI can work with Council to quickly address the immediate traffic management issues between Cross Road and Leader Street, and that any action they take can be included in the Black Forest Traffic Management Study which I hope will be escalated up the priority action list.
    There is a lot to come out of last night - my recollection of it sets the following agenda:
    Immediate Priorities
    DTEI – Goodwood Junction rail Development
    Traffic management
    Vehicle management once Victoria Street crossing closes
    Confirmation of haulage routes, dates/times, numbers and size of trucks
    Control of Victoria Street/Aroha Tce intersection
    Control of rail crossing on East Ave to allow trucks off of and back onto East Ave
    Traffic management along the East Ave / Leah Street corridor (with no trains there will be increased use of cars)
    Traffic management of vehicles entering Black Forest & Forestville - eg local access only East Ave at Winston Ave and Leah Street at Leader St.
    Child and resident safety around Unley Pool and Goodwood Oval/ hard court tennis centre / Fairfax Ave playground - particularly on weekends and during the school holidays.
    Noise abatement measures in Devon Street south during construction.
    Extended community information net to encompass ALL properties (homes and businesses) bordered by Leader Street, Anzac Highway, Cross Roads, Goodwood Road as all are potential users of East Ave, Leah Street and Victoria Street.
    Immediate detailed communication to ALL properties in that zone of influence about the impact of the project in the area.
    Rail line pedestrian crossings at Fairfax Ave & Victoria Street – noise levels of audible warning device at the gates.
    Landscaping & re-vegetation of the rail corridor
    Noise abatement strategies along the rail corridor
    Long- term traffic management of out-of zone traffic using East Ave/Leah Street
    UNLEY COUNCIL - Brownhill Creek culvert works
    Who is actually driving this culvert project – because ti is not clear to me – DTEI or Council
    Explanation of why DTEI say it is all council work on the water project but then said DTEI purchased the properties in Devon Street South for the culvert. (I would not have thought moving the freight line 3 metres would require DTEI to buy land on the east of the rail lines.)
    Explanation of why culvert could not be down the south side of the Tram overpass, utilising the road space on the western side of the rail line to re-join Brownhill Creek, rather than digging up and destroying large tracts of Forestville Reserve.
    Street beautification and long term noise abatement in Devon Street South
    Long- term traffic management of out-of zone traffic using East Ave/Leah Street