27 December 2012

Council Electoral Review

I reported earlier the changes that could be made to the way we distribute our ward  boundaries, the number of wards we have and even if we should elect the mayor at large or allow Councillor's to select a mayor from among themselves. After spending at least $15,000 on this review only one member of the public had any ideas for change, this coming from within Goodwood South. Given this person's involvement in Local Government I'm not surprised they had their say. I can only assume from this that most people are happy with the current arrangement. However, Council still has to consider is they are over governed (too many Councillors) and make some minor boundary adjustments to make the wards the same size. This may mean Kings Park being in Goodwood South again. Once Council has made a decision ( and I suspect we will not recommend anything other than boundary tweaking) this will have to again be consulted.

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