04 December 2012

Haulage Route Wn

Following a briefing last night from Luigi Rossi, the manager of the Goodwood Junction project, last night it seems that those letters and complaints have worked. The haulage route for the majority of the removed soil will  now be within the rail corridor to either Leader St or East Ave. It will still travel along East Ave and Leah St although some will be trucked south on East Ave to Cross Rd. Victoria St and Fairfax Ave will still carry some as well.
We also had an undertaking that the Leah, Aroha and Victoria intersection will be manned initially to ensure safe traffic flow when Victoria St is closed on the 10th December. After the public meeting 4/12 I was left wondering if this is the case!!
The other win was that as far as practicable pedestrian and cycle traffic will be enabled at the Victoria St level crossing as much as practicable and will be sign posted when this is not an option.

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