23 December 2012

Haulage Routes

This information is now on the DPTI website and worth having a look at. The map now shows haulage routes on East Ave travelling south (this is not new but effects a new group of residents) as well as Dryden Rd, Gordon Rd (south of the train line), Byron Rd and Kelvin Ave (west).
Have these new streets been letter boxed or door knocked?

Removal and delivery of materials are essential to constructing the Goodwood Junction Upgrade project as part of the Rail Revitalisation Program. Approximately 40,000m3 of spoil will need to be removed from the rail corridor in order to construct the new rail underpass. Some additional material (including old rail, sleepers, ballast and poor subgrade material) associated with the separate Seaford Line track upgrade and track electrification projects will also be removed from the corridor.
Determining haulage routes and associated traffic management plans has been an ongoing process balancing the needs of establishing efficient routes whilst considering impacts on the community and the local road network. Haulage routes are being trialled during December to finalise the preferred routes and identify any impacts; however alternate routes may be used from time to time depending on traffic conditions and flows on adjacent local streets. This will provide some flexibility in the use of haulage routes in emergency situations or other unforseen events. A separate Fact Sheet describes the routes to be used for deliveries to the site. For further information please click here.

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