17 August 2013

Alternate Rail Corridor Proposed

The Rail and Freight Taskforce (of which I am a member) that meets regularly has had some press coverage this week. It is time to lobby your local candidates for both the upcoming Federal and State elections to see if further reports can be undertaken to establish the real cost benefit of diverting the freight around Adelaide. In the recent discussion around Millswood Railway Station many of the comments on Adelaide Now were around running a more frequent service and a service to Mt Barker; both are achievable if the freight line were to be removed. The recent disruption at Goodwood Junction has left many residents in complete distrust of DPTI and their promises, rerouting the freight line to them will be making more sense that ever because the trains aren't quieter, they are more frequent and they take longer to get past any one point. What will it be like when all the trains are running again at Leader St?

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