20 August 2013

Federal Funding Needed for Stormwater Management Plan

Yesterday the Mayors and CEO's for the 5 catchment Councils (Unley, Adelaide, Mitcham, Burnside and West Torrens) met to discuss the need for federal funding for the Brown Hill Crook Stormwater Management Plan. This Plan will now cost at least $150,000,000; this to be shared between the three levels of government. Unley's share is 21% of the the local governments third. This project can not go ahead without a commitment to funding. While we argue the dam;no dam case the price has escalated and their is still no funding from state or federal sources (Unley received some federal money for the Ridge Park project as a stand alone project although it is part of the scheme). This project has the potential to stop or reduce the damage to about 6,000 homes in the catchment area. So when your local hopeful comes knocking asking for your vote or you are given an opportunity to have your say please ask for the funding of this project. Put some pressure on both Carmen and Kate to fund the project.

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