08 August 2013

Meeting With Rod Hook: 8th August

Yesterday Don and I were afforded the opportunity to have a conversation with Rod Hook regarding some of the outstanding works on the Goodwood Junction Project. I asked our CEO, Peter Tsokas, to seek confirmation on a number of issues. these included;
  • The colour of the corrugated fences inside the rail corridor : at a recent meeting we told that would be bronze olive, our suggestion was slate grey. However, they must all be the same. Let me know if you are happy with this decision or would like to suggest a different colour 
  • Graffiti removal will be done by a contractor after the works are completed. There may be some opportunity for Council volunteers. However, I did not get a commitment about the freight line.
  • The townhouses on Lyons Pde will be offered Magnetite double glazing to reduce the effects of the noise forms the trains. I suggested this very early in the piece but my suggestion was rejected, someone must have been listening.
  • The design of the Cranbrook Ave gate was to be discussed at the Community Advisory Group meeting. It was and residents are still unhappy with the level of consultation. How it can take the time it has to come up with mini org beats me. This was never going to be suitable as it is easily graffitied and easily dented. Other suggestions need more thorough  investigation.
  • The Arundel Ave to Millswood Cres crossing will not be closed. The sight lines are a safety concern, however, a solution will be reached that does not involve closure.
  • The fence at Canterbury Tce that has been erected at 1200 mm will be replaced with the correct 1800 mm height.
  • The  walkway between Cranbrook Ave and Victoria St will be  reinstated, this is shown clearly on the plans.
  • Landscaping will remain the responsibility of Council and Council will be reimbursed by DPTI for this work
  • Dilapidation of Council infrastructure will be repaired by DPTI after the work is complete. There is a lot of community concern about this as so many roads have been damaged or had their useful life shortened.
  • The masts for the electrification will not be moved to suit one person, trying to achieve this has caused many problems for DPTI and then pitted neighbours against each other.
This was a valuable meeting and one where genuine concern was raised  by both parties. 

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  1. Well done Jennie.
    Good to have that influential meeting with Rod Hook.
    I suggest a fence colour of green.