18 August 2013

Dog Registrations Due

IMPORTANT: Dog Registrations Due

Registrations are due BEFORE THE 31ST AUGUST!

Protect you pooch one of the best ways that you can and make sure their facilities are cared for - by registering your dog with the council. Avoid a late fee by registering before the 31st August via the website, at the council or over the phone. All dogs over 3 months must be registered.
181 Unley Road, Unley SA 5061
Whether you're registering your dog for the first time or renewing their registration - it is an important process for your dog and your community.
What do dog registration fees pay for?
  • Registration disc;
  • Effective enforcement of dog control legislation, controlling and reducing dog problems in our community
  • After hours call out service
  • Fully maintained dog parks
  • Conducting events, eg microchipping days
  • Council promoted Dog Obedience Training
  • Information booklets and expert advice available from Council officers
  • Effective communications to dog owners and the wider community
  • Resources to support the Dog & Cat Management Act and develop dog management programs
  • Education programs for the community and schools
  • Notification and education of leglisation changes

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