16 October 2016

And again!!

Rather than make a comment on my original blog to what I wrote last week to the  Property Council's idea I am writing this. Nevertheless, I would love to see some comments on way or the other. Today's Sunday Mail has Hussein Abiad's  (Dept Mayor for Adelaide) response. This  draws a line along Gepps Cross Rd, Portrush Rd, Fullarton Rd, Cross Rd and South Rd as a suggested boundary for what I assume he would be calling Adelaide City Council.  My thoughts on this are the following:

  • How many Councillors? We're always being told that 12 on Council is too many. This would leave the entire City of Unley, as we know it, with one representative
  • How do businesses get the representation they're always trying to get on the current ACC? They would have far less say
  • How would we get people to vote when they will be even less likely to know the candidate?
  • How do we stop Council from being a breeding ground for would be politicians?
  • How much would we need to pay the Councilors given that the workload would render the position a fulltime job?
  • How do we ensure that the representation reflects the demographic of the people?

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