06 October 2016

They imagined all the money that could be saved.

Trip hazards in the footpaths
How long is too long to get then fixed?
From this
How big does the trip hazard have to be before it is worth fixing?
These are the vexing questions that Council is facing as we near the end of the paving of footpaths. This programme has a mere 18 months to run until all footpaths in Unley are paved. This program was to have taken 25 years and it has taken 35 years. Original reports indicate that the Councillors at the time were told that once the footpaths were paved they would not need replaced for at least 50 years.
They imagined all the money that could be saved.
At the current time Council spends $1.3million on paving footpaths each year and $500,000 repairing them. By 18/19 that should free up the $1.3 million to do something else?
It will as long as you, the ratepayer, will tolerate 20mm trip hazards in streets that have low levels of foot traffic. Many Councillors have indicated that this is too high and that anything over 10mm should be fixed in a reasonable time frame (say less than 6o days), and then the price for maintenance starts to escalate.
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