23 October 2016

Full Council Meeting: October 24th 2016

The agenda is full of things ready for decision. The include:

  • Distribution of the Unley Life: Cr Hughes is concerned that some elderly  residents in apartments or residential care may not have access to this publication PASSED
  • Sunday Road Closures For King William Rd; Cr Koumi is asking staff to investigate some option for this concept. PASSED
  • Delibaerative Polling: what is it and how might it work in Unley's consultation processes? This is a motion from Cr Palmer PASSED
  • Proposed Changes to Dogs Off Leash in Parks (see separate blog) LOST
  • Conservation Grants Policy Review: some minor changes are proposed PASSED
  • Development Assessment Panel  Annual Report 2015/16: some interesting comparisons can be made. Concurrence with officer's recommendations has gone for 89% to 81%. However, fewer appeals have been lodged and none that were have been upheld.PASSED
  • Establishment of a Strategic Property Committee: It is hoped that this committee can identify properties that would be strategic for the UCC to purchase and even more importantly to sell. The report call for Councillor nominations as well as a chairperson.PASSED with Cr Koumi as Chair and Cr Palmer, Cr Smolucha and Cr Hughes as committee members.
  • Review of the Draft 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 2016 update: Staff and councillors fee that the proposed document would see significant and probably unpopular changes to the City of Unley if implemented in its current form. Suggestions have been made to continue to afford the current development planning better protection. PASSED
  • Age Friendly Footpath Implementation Issues: A few changes to design a recommended. PASSED 
  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek Funding: CONFIDENTIAL

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