29 October 2016

Unprogressive old men pursuing their own agenda...

...not that of the ratepayers.
A recent email from  a constituent described the Council as such  after observing a meeting.
While sometimes I refer to my colleagues as a retired gentleman's club I do my best to work cohesively with them. However, it is evident to anyone who attends a meeting that we do not reflect our demographic. From what I can tell at least half the people who pay rates in Unley are women, some are immigrants, many are young and some so young they can't yet vote.  I wonder if Unley will ever achieve a 50:50 gender balance and hope to also see younger people putting their names up for election?  It would be great if those who were interested could work together to  learn more about the runnings of council and have the skills to be competitive at the 2018 election. Who is interested??


  1. An interesting proposal.
    Why not consider standing aside at the next election and allow a younger woman to get elected. You could mentor her over the next 2 years.


    1. Yea, and it will still be 11:1, Maths clearly isn't your forte?I guess this is the sort of comment I might have expected? My standing aside and mentoring would only serve one of the functions and that might be to get someone younger. I have the skills to mentor more than one person. My suggestion is for a group to mentor people who wish to learn more about the runnings of council so they actually begin to think that winning a place is achievable and, therefore, nominate when the time comes. Diversity should enable the Council to function even better.

  2. I'm tempted. I was tempted at the last election. Keep plugging away Jennie ��

  3. Go gal. Keep those old men on council in check.