27 June 2012

Budget 2012-13;What's in it for Goodwood South?

Last Monday's meeting the budget was finally approved. The following are included in the budget. The final rate rise of 5.1% did not include an allowance for the Carbon Tax, these costs will have to be calclauted and savings identified to cover their cost as they arise. This Council should be able to know exactly what it is costing us so we can accurately predict the amount in the years to follow.

What’s for Goodwood South?

Maintenance of existing services
Community bus
Unley Swimming Centre
Hard waste collection, including e-waste
Community Grants
Goodwood Oval
Millswood Sporting Complex
Page Park, Princess Margaret Playground, Dora Guild Playground
Clarence Park CC (including resealing the Canterbury Terrace carpark)

New initiatives-City wide
Main Street Digital Economy Strategy (to assist our local businesses)
Strategic Plan

(Your Goodwood South Councillors championed and succeeded in escalating the program as we have reported in previous blogs)

Streets included this year in Goodwood South are
Merlon Ave

Fairfax Ave

Churchill Ave
Other streets will follow in the near future.

Kerb and water table

Cranbrook Ave


Langdon Ave

Lonsdale Ave

Lorraine Ave

New Initiatives

Black Forest Precinct Area Study (traffic)
Shade structure and play equipment-Princess Margaret Playground
Landscape treatment-
Kelvin Ave
(brought forward from last year)
Irrigation Equipment- Page Park

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