03 June 2012

What Areas should be Non-Smoking?

As you are aware the State Govt legislation came into effect on June 1st. The law now states that it is illegal to smoke within 10m of a children's playground and at a covered bus stop. This means that Council must now choose if it wants all of particular parks to be non-smoking or only the area immediately adjacent to the playground itself. Where the playground forms the greater part of the park this is probably an easy decision, eg Princess Margaret Playground and Dora Guild Playground. However, when the playground is only part of a larger park the decision will be more difficult, eg should all of Goodwood Oval be declared smoke free? Other places like Sasmee park should be non-smoking and yet the decision for Page Park and the Millswood Lawns Complex will be more challenging. Council can also declare major events smoke free if it chooses, this could include the Gourmet Gala, Sturt Football games, Australia Day celebrations, etc. I'd love some feedback on this one as to your opinion as to how far Council should go?

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