27 June 2012

Railway ; Grade Separation

Council was briefed on this project  on the 25th June. I am yet to be sent the diagram or video simulation of the project and will add them if they are supplied as promised. The man given the project to deliver is Luigi Rossi. It was very clear at the meeting that affected residents will be informed, they are unlikely to be consulted and there will be very little tweaking possible. To confirm, the Noarlunga line will be seperated from the freight line and Belair line by putting the Noarlunga Line underground. The Noarlunga line will be renamed the Seaford line as soon as it opens, trains will be more frequent on this line after the new rail to Seaford is openened as well. The entry to the tunnel will begin nearer to East Ave and will be underground by the time it is level with SSASME Park; it will not emerge completely until after Victoria St. This leaves the tunnel and Brownhill Creek on a collosion course; Brownhill Creek will be diverted by Culvert from about the end of Cranbrook Ave  (this will be a very large culvert as the capaciy of Brownhill Creek at that spot is enormous). Water will also be diverted from Arundel Ave, under the existing trainline and accross the lawns at the Millswood sporting complex. The building of these will be very disruptive at least. If Councils pursue a No Dam option for flood mitigation these culverts will need to have  twice the existing planned capacity.
However, he did say that neither of the local members of parliament ( Kate and Stephanie) had seen the plans he was showing us.


  1. Thanks for the update Jenny – always interesting reading.

    Surely that train tunnel will eventually surface north of Leader Street, not Victoria Street?

    Will any of those beautiful and old gum trees along the Noarlunga line section by the tunnel be affected / cut down to make way for tunnel excavations?

    Does this also mean that the Belair and freight lines will remain at the current ground level thus requiring continuing with the current boom gates and traffic delays? I thought the announcement said something about multi-levels of underground lines - one level for Belair + freight and the other for Noarlunga to remove delays at he level crossings!

    If the tunnels don’t go all the way north past Leader Street, why spend all that money to go under ONE small suburban side street!

    And as you observe the issues of Brownhill Creek obviously have not been seriously factored into the project by the Commonwealth - they probably did their surveys & designs over summer when there was no water flow.

    I look forward to seeing more details.

  2. The tunnel will not go as far as Leader St, the separation there will be the road going over or under the rail lines. This is not funded for the next financial year..The word significant trees was mentioned and they will be very contentious...