17 June 2012

Street Corner Meeting with Kate Ellis; 16th June

Yesterday, I attended the meeting held in the Dora Guild playground at 11.30 am. The small crowd were keen to discuss with her issues; not surprisingly, they were concerning the Federal level of government. Steph Key, the state member for Ashford was also in attendance as was Don Palmer my Co-councillor. The issues raised include the grade separation of the railway at Millswood and the Leader St under/over pass, the carbon tax, the Gonski report into schools, asylum seekers and refugees and the problems of minority government. Kate is very good at explaining the issues in greater detail but  a little short of solutions. She said she had little knowledge of the railway separation and did acknowledge that no one had considered the storm water management (culverts) plan needing to share some of the same space. We should be grateful that $400 plus million will be spent and not ask why the over/underpass would be more useful  at Cross Rd. Spending this money will also certainly end any further discussion on freight train diversion which is the preferred wish of this electorate. The only issues concerning local government were regarding speed and safety on Aroha Tce and rate rises. I will write a separate blog on rates.


  1. Yes, I too thought Kate was a bit short of solutions.
    She didn't seem to know the timetable for the underpass of the trains, due to start in January and finished in June.
    She needs to make the sessions more relevant to Federal issues.

  2. I am also concerned of the lack of disclosure on this project. Surely the diversion (council's preference) via the flat plains is the logical way forward for this allocated funds.