02 June 2012

June Update 2012

East Ave Pedestrian Refuge; This is now being considered near Forest Ave, further consultation is likely to follow.
Addison Rd; Some residents have requested staff to review the existing parking controls between South RD and Gordon Rd. The consultation on this finished yesterday. Usually decisions are recommended if more than 50% of respondents supported the change.
Millswood Croquet; the hosting of the World Croquet Tournament was well received and the grounds drew a good deal of praise from participants.
Non-Smoking Cafes; 3 cafes have now taken up the option to be non-smoking which is a small step forward .
Merlon Ave; staff have decided to delay replacing the recently removed trees until after the footpaths have been repaved. The footpaths should be the first ones completed in the new year. The replacement species chosen by residents is Jacaranda.
U-Turn Mills St and Goodwood Rd; While I have had no complaints about the new design recently installed my own observation is that it may not be doing the job and may actually allow U-turns to be performed more easily.
New General Managers; After a lengthy selection process David Litchfield has started as Manager of Economic Development and Planning and Stephen Faulkner as  Manager of People  and Governance. You may have read 2 further advertisements in Saturday's paper. One is the position previously held by Michelle Bonnici , Manager of Infrastructure and the other for Manager of Community, this has already been advertised but it was decided to re advertise.
Budget; budget deliberations are continuing with the final workshop on the 13th June and ratification on June 25th, Goodwood South is fairing a little better that it was. The footpath acceleration has been included, that is $1.3 million (last year was $500,000).
Frederick St; Several issues still exist in this street that Don and I are working through. These include the poor condition of the pavers. These are not due to be redone until after the entire replacement schedule has been completed. However, the footpath will be inspected and the pavers lifted and relaid where possible. Also Council has asked ETSA to replace some of the light bulbs in the street lighting and some pruning has been completed to make the street feel safer at night. Lastly staff are investigating the speed controls in the vicinity of the Scout Hall, a proposed solution is to paint zig zag lines on the roadway to indicate that children may be present.

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