13 June 2012

City Strategy Meeting held 12th June 2012

Items on this month's Agenda included;
Urban Myth Theatre of Youth; Urban Myth have outgrown their home in Unley on the Village Green and are moving to the Mayfair Theatre on Goodwood Rd. This is a wonderful outcome for both sides as the theatre will continue to be able to operate as such and Urban Myth have a more suitable base. This has caused no additional cost to Council. We currently sponsor them to the tune of $5,000 and this report asked that we continue to do this. For our money we are helping to support youth and we will get free performances at some community events.
Environmental Health Services-Shared Services; Council was to explore the benefits of joining the Eastern Health Alliance. This has been completed but after discussion with Mitcham Council we will share services with them instead- the cost benefit of this is much better and as such preferable.
Review of Fees and Charges; Most fees will rise by 3.6% although some have remained stationary. For example non-smoking cafes will see no increase in their outdoor dining fee, children's programmes at the library will remain at $5 and toy library membership will not change. Some of the fees are set by the government and we have no power to change these, eg dog registrations.
Residential Parking Permits and Exemptions; The consultation is complete  and now Council will raise the fees to $26 for 2 years. There are very few of these in Goodwoos South.
Building Inspection Review Policy; This one has been imposed by legislative change as a response to the fatal roof collapse at West Lakes.  Inspections of roof trusses will need to be made to 90% of buildings where the construction involves roof trusses and a licensed builder is not responsible for the work and 60% if there is a licensed builder involved. Interestingly the inspections don't have to be of the roof trusses per se.
Waste and Recycling Audit; The recent audit of residential and commercial waste delivered the following results. On any one collection day 88% of household present a blue bin, 90.5% a recycling bin and 72.5% a green organics bin. Households are diverting 61.9% of their waste from landfill. The contamination rate was also much less. Much of the waste was food scraps (57%) and the paper used to wrap these. Considering that these can be placed in the compost bin or through the kitchen organics collection service this final result is disappointing. The cost to empty each bin is about 40 cents; over 18,000 households with two bins emptied each week the potential savings can be seen if we can renew our contracts based on bin lifts rather than household numbers.
Planning Policy Programme Update; All the current DPA's that are sitting on the Ministers desk have stayed there, they might be further up in the heap but I have my doubts about even this.

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