17 March 2019

Budget deliberations

Image result for Road markings Unley UnleyIt has come to that time in the year when Council must start considering the many projects suggested by staff, the community and themselves. Despite comments late last year that we do deals among ourselves as far as I am aware that has never been the case. But we must consider each on its merit. Last months Council passed a resolution that the rate rise should be within 1% of CPI and staff have worked toward this end. My only issue with this is that we may be tempted to make a decision that would increase borrowings to complete projects rather than use  recurrent funding (this year's rates). It easy to appropriately borrow to do the upgrade of King William Rd or the Goodwood Oval grandstand both of which are large, multi generation capital works. The problem is with some  upgrades that may include things such as signage and painting lines on roads: the yellow lines will need repainting in a year or two.

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