17 May 2013

Canterbury/Parker Tce Trees

Some concern has been raised about he trees along these streets being unable to be replaced if they are removed. the recent survey of residents resulted in a return rate of 33% with 82% of these respondents favouring the removal of the trees. The replacement choice was split 50:50 between Crepe Myrtle and Ornamental Pear. No decision will be made on when they are replaced until after the Black Forest LATM is completed and a design agreed to for Canterbury Tce (traffic management). However, staff have assured us that trees can and will be planted in a similar location to where they are now. The clearance zones recently letter boxed by DPTI were alarming and people had every right, given DPTIs track record, to suspect that this might not be the case. Staff are also considering under-story planting to better visually screen the trains. David Bartlett,  manager of the Greenways Project, is speaking to Council on Monday, if you have any questions you would like answered then please let me know.

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