09 May 2013

Referendum on Local Government; Sept 2013

Julia Gillard announced today that she will include a
referendum regarding Constitutional recognition of Local Government at the September election.
While I am sure much press will follow from this and your letter box will continue to be stuffed with election material long after you have decided how you will vote, this recognition is long overdue. It will mean the Federal Government can make direct payments to Councils rather than the money coming via the state government with all the delays and red tape along the way that add to costs and cause delays. This will be  hopefully, only the 9th referendum since Federation to pass.  Try the link below for the ABC's view.


  1. Dear Jennie,
    1). Please tell me how the States can obtain increased funding from a bankrupt Federal Gov't?
    2). Too much power corrupts. Absolute power is dangerous. Is that what Australia wants? Money isn't everything. I am worried where this control will lead us.
    (I have entered 'Anonymous' simply because this is the first time I've commented via this method and I'm not sure what some of the notions in the comment box means.)
    However, I'm not afraid to put my name to this.
    Jan Mills.

  2. I don't think I even implied that this would lead to increased funding other than in reducing costs. It's my hope that the Federal government won't always be short of cash to spend.
    This will lead to a shift in power from state to federal, a shift that has been ongoing since federation. However, the ability for Councils to gain funding (if available) directly will reduce local government costs.

  3. this is the Labor policy to remove the States.
    they intend to replace the States with 13 economic reigons!
    there will NOT BE ANY COUNCILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is a long term policy by the Labor Party to be achieved over 50 years according to the former Premier of QLD Peter Beatie.