05 May 2013

Street Corner Meeting with Kate and Stephanie; 3rd May

 I attended this meeting on Saturday morning at the Dora Guild Playground. There was probably no more than 20 people there. It's good to have the 3 levels of government represented in one place (hard to blame each other then). Most of the conversation was about genuine Federal issues such as he Gonski funding for education and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. I think the answers to these questions raised more questions than answers and I'm not confident that the kids in my school are going to get more money in the global budget or individually through the NDIS ( I manage Special Education at my school).
State issues unsurprisingly were  generated around
the Goodwood junction Project and Steph's ability
to get things done and explanations for decisions
already made. I think Steph has been well meaning
in helping to set up the G-RAG group and it is functioning well. However, residents want things done that are in the Minister's hands (Tom Koutsantonis) and she needs to get him moving. There is no point in trying to reduce the speed of trucks  in other residential streets near the work site if the paperwork for Leah St has gone unsigned for months.
The only local government concern was repairing he footpath in Cowper Rd which I will get onto this week.

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