24 May 2013

'Most sensible people show no interest in local government'!!

I have lifted this quote from David Penberthy's article in today's paper. While almost all the article was a ridicule of some Adelaide City Councillor's view about North Adelaide he couldn't help himself and had to have a shot at local government in general. As a resident of Wayville and the husband of our Federal  Adelaide member (Kate Ellis) this is a pretty short sited view.
How long do you think it would take for him to realise just how important this arm of government is?  What about if we ask the rubbish collectors to pass by his street, if Council fails to collect the hard rubbish, if no fines are issued during the show and people park across his driveway  if the swings in the park that his children use are unsafe,etc.
The only person with a short sited view is David himself, local government is important and you should take an interest. If you are sensible you will probably take more interest than if you are not.

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