28 May 2013

Full Council Meeting;27th May 2013

This meeting was long and sometimes arduous as elected members spent time discussing (rather than debating) issues. It seems some Councilors like to dominate the debate even if they have little to say. Even the tone of questions to those brave enough to make a deputation was disappointing.
There were two deputation from Kiranari School. After selling the piece of land they use as a playground at 41 Oxford Tce to Council 13 years ago they have not paid a cent of rent for the space. After being made a reasonable offer for lease the school has declined and  Council must now decide what to do next. The impassioned deputees spoke of Council wanting to use the space as a car park ; this was debated and dismissed before my time on Council. They also rejected that an offer had been put to them for rental. In the end a compromise was reached for a short term lease until the end of 2014.
Many items were reserved from the committees for further discussion as the teething problems with the new section  41 committees are ironed out; these include the addition of over $100,000 of  additional expenditure of initiatives to support the aged in the 2013/14 budget considerations. While I support the initiatives proposed  I'm left in wonder as to why staff did not present them to Council  for consideration during the initial budget discussions.

Items for discussion also include

  • Lease for Goodwood Oval by the Goodwood Cricket Club;This has now come back after public consultation with no further changes proposed.PASSED
  • Urban Myth Theatre Company Loan; This organisation would like to borrow $30,000 from Council on an interest free basis. Council do not have a good record of collecting these types of debts when approved and I am reluctant to support this proposal. Surely, if the organisation is viable, commercial interest rates are low and this size loan should be serviceable even if interest is paid. No financial plan has been given in the agenda.PASSED
  • Lease of Unley Oval to the Sturt Football Club; This will go to public consultation after it is approved. To lower the amount Sturt pay they are proposing to use the space for less time each week. Additional to this they pay a match day license.PASSED
  • Climate Change Regional Planning; this is a proposal to plan and progress a joint application with the Eastern Regional Alliance Councils regarding  adaptation to climate change.PASSED
  • Delegation-Public Health Act 2011;This is a legislative requirement.PASSED
  • Delegations-Safe Drinking Water Act 2011; This is as a  response to new legislation.PASSED
  • State Government Planning Reform Reference Group; this group has been established by the state government and this is a call for nominations to be selected by the LGA to be on the committee.PASSED
  • Swimming pool Safety Discussion;This is to inform Council about the proposed legislation and to seek feedback. I encourage you to read the full report at.  PASSED http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Item%20763%20FCM%20May%202013.pdf
  • Council's Contribution to the NRM Board PASSED
and to be discussed under Confidentiality Conditions
  • SANTOS Tour Down Under -Staged Start
  • Land Acquisition 19-21 Katherine St, Fullarton
  • Centennial Park Budget
  • CEO Performance Management.

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