08 January 2015

Construction of Ridge Park Storm Water Detention Dam

Artist's impression of the completed project

What’s been happening?
York Civil completed the bulk excavation for the concrete core wall.
In addition, placing of steel reinforcement and below ground concrete for the main structure core
wall was also completed.
This was a critical milestone as all major below ground works have now been completed. It was
particularly crucial to ensure that this was achieved so that the works would not be damaged in
the event of any rain and stream flows over the Xmas New Year break.
What next?
Minor earthworks will proceed upstream and downstream of the dam for works outside of the
core wall. This will also include construction of the northern levee bank.
Erection of formwork and falsework will commence in anticipation of pouring concrete to the
above ground sections of the core wall. York Civil plan to have the above ground core wall
concrete completed by the end of January.

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  1. How could the ward councillors allow this environmental vandalism to happen?