05 January 2015

For want of a little water!

Residents have alerted me on a number of occasions regarding the health of the recently planted  shrubs and trees in Arundel Ave, Cromer Pde and Devon St. The plants were planted by a contractor selected by Unley Council. They are responsible for the life of the plants for a 12 month period. For them it may well be cheaper to let the plants die and then replant in early winter. For residents it is distressing to see the plants dying and loosing another year of possible growth and return to a well vegetated and attractive street. Some plants seem to be quite healthy, I suspect that these are being watered by residents. I have, once again, alerted staff to the issue and, hopefully, there
will be a water truck out this week. However,
for many of the plants it will be too late.

1 comment:

  1. I can only speak for the planting that occurred along Arundel Ave but one of the other problems is that in this location no soil preparation was done before planting. The soil was not even turned over but instead only small holes were dug for the plants. Although mulch was applied (burying a number of the dianellas), I can't see many of the plants that do manage to survive this summer actually thriving due to poor soil. And yes I have watered the plants opposite my place a few times in the attempt to keep them alive. Tania