29 January 2015

New public spaces along King William Road

In keeping with the Council’s long term vision for King William Road, the Precinct will take on a new look this summer with the creation of two parklets along the popular shopping strip.

The new ‘temporary’ public spaces will be created within the footprint of two car-parks and will provide areas for people to meet gather and enjoy the local environment.

City of Unley CEO Peter Tsokas says the Parklet program would provide an innovative and practical solution for supporting local business and activating public spaces.

“We are really excited to welcome people into these new spaces and see how our local community use the settings to their advantage,” Mr Tsokas said.

“It is important that we keep trialling new initiatives to ensure our major precincts continue to attract shoppers and visitors. It is also equally important that visitors feel like they are in a safe and inviting environment.”

The City of Unley sought unique and creative Parklet proposals from its local businesses and after much consultation the Council has announced that Nutrition Republic and Cotto are the first two applicants to host a Parklet.

Nutrition Republic will provide a social setting for people to pause and relax whilst they are out walking their dog, going for a run or ride, or after a local yoga class. The Parklet will also host a range of community demonstrations around health and wellness and welcome the input of other local businesses.

Co-Owner Terry Vasiliou said “We really want to create a community atmosphere and make it as lively as possible. By hosting events, live music and family activities we feel this will be hugely successful for King William Road.”

The Cotto Parklet will seek to create a safe and welcoming setting for young families to visit King William Road and for children to spend time within the precinct. The Parklet will provide activities to entertain children as well encourage local music, face painting and food displays throughout the year.

Cotto Founder said, "We (Cotto) are really excited to be involved with the first Parket in the Unley area. It is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community and provide a safe and family friendly space where people can sit, relax and enjoy some activities or simply watch the world go by on King William Road.”

Each business will receive Parklet structures in proximity to their business for the next 12 months and will be responsible for giving the Parklet its own identity and appeal. After 12 months, new locations to relocate the Parklets will be sought from the local community.

The Parklets are expected to be open for public use by the 31st of January.

Mr Tsokas added “The Parklets will be smoke and alcohol free and will not be solely used for the purpose of outdoor dining. They are to remain public spaces for all to use.”

The parklets were designed by the City of Unley with South Australian company, Street and Park Furniture.

For further information on the Parklet Program and nomination process, please visit www.unley.sa.gov.au.

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