14 January 2015

ICAC; When is it needed?

After reading the article in today's paper and the comments on line I am left wondering just what the role of the ICACis. If a judge can find that the Gillman deal between the state government and their preferred developer (without going to tender) was both irrational and unlawful and did not ensure the best return for taxpayers and then uphold the contract anyway leaves me with too may questions unanswered. So who was it that authorised the sale in this way and how are they being disciplined by the government? Who will be asking ICAC to ask the same questions? How will they investigate to see who profited from the sale? it certainly wasn't the people of South Australia.
Interestingly, one of the big pushes to have a independent body looking at corruption was the state government belief that there were too may dodgy deals being done in local government. The ICAC report stated that only about 10% of complaints were actually
Surely not in South Australia?
about local government!


  1. Well said Jennie, couldn't agree more!

  2. Looks like Bruce Lander, Commissioner of ICAC, agreed with me. A great decision.