20 January 2015

Ugly wall not a sound idea

This story also caught my eye this morning. While residents in Millswood and Forrestville are told that the noise from the trains is insufficient to warrant any sound treatment the residents in Darlington are unhappy about they way the one that they got looks. This barrier is corton steel (read rusty) held in place with metal post and rails that don't seem to match in colour. If it were me I would have placed the post and rails toward the road but that may have enabled undesirables to climb the wall (this doesn't seem to be a problem at the end of Cowper Rd). However, if the residents in Arundel Ave were offered thick steal as a barrier to the noise I doubt that they would have said no. All they got was some plastic lattice that is already falling to bits, and even this doesn't extend far along the street and needless to say does nothing for the noise and little for the overlooking.

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