11 March 2012

City Strategy Meeting March 13th 2012

This month's Agenda is full of interesting items; the full Agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP%20Agenda%20March%202012.pdf

  • City of Unley Ageing Strategy; This strategy has been in the consultation phase for some time and minor modifications have been made to the policy.This was supported although will still have further minor modifications.

  • Planning Policy Programme; This is an update of the planning amendments; it seems the Ministers desk is getting overloaded as he is yet to move anything across it for Unley at this time. The report was received.

  • Dog Registration Fees; The proposal is for fees to rise to $60 (up $5) per annum with the usual discounts for desexing, micro-chipping, obedience training, concession holders, working dogs and grey hounds. No fee is charged for guide dogs, disability dogs and therapeutic dogs. The fees charged do not cover the cost of collecting the fees and dog management through out the year even with an increase. This report was accepted although members expressed their concerns about being able to recover a greater portion of costs.

  • Electronic Waste Review; The report suggests that Council should approve $20,000 t0 be allocated to funding two new services. These services are 50% subsidy for Unley residents at a Local Waste Transfer Station and allowing e-waste to be put out for Hard Waste collection. Members felt this report was inadequate and have requested that staff have another look at other options and bring the report back in April.

  • Hard Rubbish Collection Review; The total number of collections from July 2011 to February 2012 was 2,319, only slightly less than the same time period in the year earlier. However, there were no second pick ups ( as agreed by Council). The waiting times for collection have been reduced from 8 weeks to 6.7 weeks. Never the less some seasons are busier than others and some people have waited 12 weeks for a pick up. Of 511 reported instances of illegal dumping (since May 2010) in 402 cases the property owner has removed the rubbish when directed to do so by Council. This represents a 79% compliance rate. The report was received with no further action but to continue the current level of service.

  • New Community Gardens; The preferred option for the Community Garden is the goody Patch at Goodwood Primary School. While I am disappointed that the site in Millswood was not chosen as a first option I feel it may be better for the redevelopment of the site to be included in the Millswood Lawn masterplan when this is completed.This matter caused much debate although all members were happy with the initial site selected.

  • Orphanage Park Community Land Management Plan; Council are being asked to consider options for the development of a CLMP for Orphanage Park and other parks. This is a pressing necessity for Orphanage Park as there is no clear way documented to move forward on the tree plantings and other minor creek works. This would also allow for the protection of the stone linings if the Minister allows them to be included as a Local Heritage item in the City of Unley Development Plan. This report was refused and no further action suggested for any of the 4 large Parks.

  • Long Term Financial Plan; Council are being ask to approve an operating surplus ratio of 3.5, a Net financial Liabilities Ratio of no more than 80% of the annual rates revenue and an Asset Sustainability ratio equalling 100% over 10 years. This was approved.

  • Development of a New Unley community Plan;Unley is required to develop a new Community Plan this year. Council will be anxious to hear what the community wants in the plan in the near future. This was approved.

All of these items must still be ratified at the Full Council Meeting on the 26th March.

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