24 March 2012

Full Council Meeting 26th March 2012

  • The Agenda was very thick this week. However, most of it was the petition from the No Dam group opposing the construction of a dam in Brownhill Creek. This is a integral apart of the flood mitigation works proposed and if not built a suite of alternatives would have to be built. This weeks' Agenda;

  • Recognition of Ron Praite; Ron Praite died on the 4th April 2011. He was one of Unley's finest historians and contributed significantly to the Unley Museum. He will be remembered by naming a section of the Glen Osmond linear trail after him. Carried

  • Pedestrian Crossing on Unley Rd (near Ultratune); This will allow safe access across Unley Rd at that location for both pedestrians and cyclists. This will be substantially funded by the state government. What a difference the crossing on Goodwood Rd makes to crossing near Victoria St. Carried

  • Ridge Park Aquifer Recharge; After consultation the residents near this park have chosen to proceed with a mix of bio-filtration and mechanical means to purify the retained water before pumping it into the aquifer. This is a major project that can now proceed. Carried

  • Review of the Glen Osmond Creek Project; The review showed some weakness in the project management of this project, it was also critical of the involvement of some Councillors in the project. Carried

  • Grant Funding 2012; So far this year nearly $3 million have been achieved in grants. These are used to offset Council costs.

  • Elector Representation Review; This review will allow changes in the ward boundaries, in the composition of representation from each ward and, if Council (after much consultation) would even prefer, a Mayor elected from the Councillors or (the current method) at large. There are many arguments for and against change which will be examined. I would like an attempt to achieve greater representation from women on Council. The debate stemmed mainly around he distribution of numbers in each ward despite the fact that the report will have to examine even the existence of wards. I must say I refer a structure but it does not have to be the same one. Carried

  • Brownhill Creek/ Keswick Creek Update;This report looks at the results from the public consultation. Carried

Motions on Notice

  • Tonsley Train Service (see separate blog)Carried

  • Lack of Funding for Disabled Under 65's; This motion asks for the relevant Minister to be informed of Council's disapproval of decisions made that means funding for services for the disabled is only able to be spent on those over 65. Many people who seek Council support are under 65, the costs of services to them is funded by Council alone. Carried

  • Earth Hour Carried

The full Agenda can be found at;http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/FCM%20Agenda%20March%202012.pdf

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