28 March 2012

Special Council Meeting Wed 28th March

I'm not going. Because the first motion about changing Proclamation Day to First Settlers Day was so flawed and because the person wishing to change it did not get the new Motion on Notice in by the deadline ( to be discussed at last Monday's meeting), we are to have another meeting tonight (the third this week). If only the Motion was to rescind and see the end of the first motion I would have made it convenient to attend. But no, the motion is to change Proclamation Day to South Australia Day. While this might be a better name the reaction in the press list time was extraordinary and none of it good. It is my understanding that there will not be a quorum and the meeting will not proceed. I will attend the Clarence Park Community Centre board meeting as previously planned.
Now we're supposed to debate it next Monday at 6.45pm.

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