14 March 2012

Don't Waste Your Food Scraps


Food waste and other organic material makes up around half of what is placed in the blue waste bins. By putting food waste into your green organics bin (along with garden waste) it will be collected and commercially processed into nutrient-rich compost. Our waste is transformed into a valuable resource that is sold to farmers and gardeners all over Australia.
Your green organics bin can still be used for your garden waste, i.e. lawn clippings, leaves, pruning’s, cut flowers etc.
Even if you have a home garden compost or worm farm you may like to recycle the food scraps that are not suitable for your home compost via the green organics bin; all food scraps including citrus, dairy, meat, bones, shells and even heavily soiled pizza boxes may be placed into the green organics bin.

For convenience, food scraps can simply be wrapped in newspaper or paper-towel to prevent spills when placed in the green organics bin.

Alternatively, some hardware stores sell ‘compostable’ bags which may be used for food scraps.

But please do not use bags labeled ‘biodegradable’ – this is not ‘compostable’ – and never use plastic bags of any type in the green organics bin, this can contaminate the entire truckload. If you are unsure about the compostable bags please contact the Council. Ultimately this will further reduce collected waste that goes to landfill. Cost reductions in dumping fees reduce the total costs to Council.

For more information on the green organics bin and recycling food waste please contact the Council on 8372 5111.

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