30 March 2012

Earth Hour 31st March 2012

This year the City of Unley will be supporting this global event by undertaking the following actions:
Media Release
Encouraging residents and business to support this important environmental event: attached.
Media release has also been forward to the Unley business community.
Civic Centre:
Lighting will be turned off - security and safety lighting will remain on.
Unley Community Centre:
No hirers in the centre and all lights are off except for the sensor light in the front of the building.
Clarence Park Community Centre:
No hirers in the house on Saturday night and all lights will be off in the house at 8.30.
There is a quiz night in the main hall and they will require lighting, however we will ensure the rest of the centre observes earth hour.
Goodwood Community Centre:
Not participating due to the safety and security risk of hirers accessing the Centre on that evening.
Fullarton Community Centre:
No hirers in the centre and all lights will be off except for sensor lights.
Lights (excluding security) will be turned off.
Security floods will be turned off but all other lighting will remain on as they light the external paths (It was deemed a few years ago unsafe to turn these lights off).
Library (Central and Goodwood)
All lights will be switched off before 8.30pm.

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