13 November 2013

Dam v No Dam: the debate continues

While Council will receive an update report in  the Council Agenda for the 25th November it is not anticipated the final report from the detailed investigation currently being undertaken by Michael Salkeld will be available until late January or early February 2014. When it is available it will become a public document for all to see and to comment upon the recommendations. Council will debate the recommendations before Community Consultation is commenced. The investigations include relooking at all the available options that are;
·          No dam/ culverts
·         No dam/even more culverts
·         Dam/culverts
·         Dam/no culverts
The motion that Council passed last month to request that no culvert options be investigated is clearly in this mix.  Hydrological data has now been updated by the bureau of meteorology, this has caused the project to investigate a range of options previously not thought to be feasible. Some of these involve investigating whether it is feasible to clean out and widen the existing channel.

Hopefully, the final outcome will be cost effective, put forward a viable option that does not include culverts in Unley (Millswood and Unley Park) and be agreed to by all Councils involved.

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  1. HI Jennie, thanks for your blog posts as always they are an invaluable insight to the workings of Council. Given the projected reduction in rainfall based on Adelaide drying out due to the greenhouse effect, once really does have to think that making use of existing infrastructure and water disposal options as the best solution. Even a very small dam plus clearing out the existing channels as proposed would be very sensible. Thanks, Ben