05 November 2013

Healthy and Active Communities;Mayor's Round Table

A small group of interested people met last week to discuss the above topic. This will help to inform future policies and programmes that Unley might offer. Key points discussed were;

  • Health is more than just sports
  • Council's primary role is to provide the infrastructure
  • Community Gardens work
  • Prorgammes should be offered at times people who work regular hours can attend
  • 'Dog walking' plays an important role
  • Coffee shops are playing an important role
  • Healthy communities are pollution free (including cigarette smoke) and safe
  • Public campaigns work
  • Important to build resilience especially for mental health
The questions that followed asked
What would encourage you to be more active?
What would encourage the community to be more healthy and active?
Who are the target groups?
What are your thoughts on these?

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