10 November 2013

DPTI: What Next??

The passing loop has been moved with no proposed changes to sound mitigation
The gantry appeared from nowhere.
I took another look at Arundel Ave yesterday and feel that this street has taken more hits from DPTI than are acceptable with less compensation from them. While Devon St has taken the biggest hit it now seems on track for its sound mitigation fencing, a reseal and revegetation; hopefully even the purchase of some additional land for even more landscaping ( Council still needs to make a decision on this one). Arundel on the other hand has negotited for a fabulous gate that they really didn't want and there were strong arguments that it didn't need. The gate was to be used once or twice a year. Residents found this week a bessa block structure being erected just inside the fence live. This is no small structure (5m x 5mx 2.1m) witout any consultation or warning; not even one of the ubiquitous blue letters. It is being erected above natural ground level. This will be located behing the new lattice work, but the lattice will no longer ne high enough to obscure it. More importantly this structure is to be used to monitor the CCTV along the underpass, so how often will the gate be used?? My bet is as much as every day. And Rod Hook (CEO)thinks he has
 nothing more to discuss with myself, Don or
The graffiti is appalling and may not be painted out

The road is dilapidated

The new structure

No one could think this beautiful

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