23 November 2013

November Update 3013

Sorry this is a little late

  • The arbor in the Princess Margaret Playground is now fully repaired and ready for use.
  • The promised bird boxes have now been attached to trees in the train corridor, they are evident along Chromer Pde in particular.
  • New line marking is evident in most areas. There should be no new lines only going over the existing
  • More fences have now been replaced along the Greenways path, this has taken an exceptional amount of work by some people.
  • 54 trees need to be replaced by DPTI as replacement for those removed along the corridor during the grade separation and electrification. The location of these trees is yet to be decided and all should have the potential to become significant if possible.
  • The final version of the Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management Plan will go to Council for endorsement on December 10th. I will send it on to those I have email addresses for and put a link in my blog. I have been told that there has not been any changes of significance made.
  • Residents will be letter boxed next week regarding the options for treatment in Canterbury Tce. I will upload these when I get an electronic copy. There are 4 proposals, only one of which is one way, residents will be asked to preference the options.
  • Don and I will be briefed on Monday on the options for consultation regarding some work in Page Park, this should include fitness equipment.

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