12 November 2013

Tree falls in Cheltenham St

The above article raises a few points should you ever be in a position to feel you need to apply to have a tree removed. in 2007 the resident applied to the DAP to have the tree removed, the panel found that it did not meet the legislative requirements in place at the time. (many changes have been made since then). If a refusal is given the resident has many choices as to what to do next. They can appeal to the Environment and Resources Court (this costs money if you choose to hire a lawyer but otherwise is free). If they choose not to do this a further application can be submitted at any time. The recent legislative changes have made this much easier if the tree is within 10 metres of a dwelling. As well an arborist can recommend that any tree be removed immediately if it is deemed to be unsafe at the time of the inspection.This may result in a retrospective application to remove the tree. Council does not inspect trees on private property unless invited to do so.

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