26 November 2013

Full Council: 25th November 2013

This month's meeting had some interesting matters to debate. We will listened to two deputations from  Tom Hester (Save Our Streets) in opposition to potential culverts in Unley streets  and David Hudson and Graham Davies on Brown Hill Creek flood modelling.
  • Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan-Project Brief ; This item discussed the project brief prior to hiring a consultant to do the main works. They will be using information collected during the Community Assets Review and re-engaging with the community. PASSED
  • Community Engagement and Public Consultation Policy Review; As a result of often perceived poor consultation with our community the policy has been reviewed. The policy itself will now go through a consultation phase. I like the new concept that consultation can inform, consult and/or involve the community. One of the difficulties Council often has is weighting the value of a petition. I think they're great if a group of people think there is an issue that they want to tell us about, however, instead of a representation to an issue I believe they muddy the waters and their value can be confused. Council also has difficulty in reconciling the value of input from the silent majority. If 100 people are consulted about change and 10 reply positively for the change and 15 negatively is the vote 10:15 against or 85: 15 for?PASSED
  • Free Fridays at the Pool;This will continue this arrangement for 2014 from Feb 7th- PASSED.
  • General Development plan Amendment; This will ask the Minister to allow Unley to further develop policy regarding laneway housing, public notification, complying development, off street parking, and heritage building adaptability. It does not address on site detention of water (an issue that has the potential to reduce flooding)and I will ask if this can be included. I was told this has already been included in the recent DPA3 amendment. PASSED
  • Review of Access Requirements for Heavy Vehicles into and out of King William Rd at Arthur St; This matter arose again in the process of trying to get pedestrian refuges installed in King William Rd  near Arthur St to allow for safer pedestrian crossing of KWR at that location. Woolworths truck using the Arthur St, KWR intersection often add to the danger for pedestrians at that location. The report suggests that only allowing the truck to make a right hand turn out of Authur Street at KWR would improve the situation; all other truck movements would be via Unley Rd. It seems sensible to trial this and will allow for the construction of the approved refuges. APPROVED as a trial.
  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek Project Update; An interim report is now available in the Agenda. To me it seems to still speak of many options whereas I would prefer if it was starting to eliminate options. However, for the fist time there is discussion around channel clearance especially north of Malcolm St. Take a look at the creek channel when on the Malcolm St bridge  looking south; this gives a pretty good indication of the problem. Take time to read it.  http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Att%201%20Item%20972%20FCM%20Nov%202013-1.pdf  This passed after much debate and a motion that included support for progress that does not involve culverts in Unley. It was good to have the gallery full of concerned residents.
  • Confidential  Item-Land Encroachment;
Additionally  to this my questions on Brown Hill Creek have been answered. 
My questions on 2 for 1 tree replacements resulting from Development Applications is yet to be answered. I
have met with staff on this one but still the question goes unanswered.
The full agenda can be found at;

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