29 November 2013

What Next for Page Park?

An example only
You may remember that Don and I secured some $50,000 to spend on fitness equipment in Page Park this financial year. Many years ago fitness equipment was installed in Page Park and it was the most up to date available at the time. Since then as various bits have rotted and/or become unsafe they have been removed by staff. One of the long term issues for Council is that every new asset created adds to the total maintenance bill for the city if the asset is to be kept in good repair. All the equipment has now been removed. Many options have been discussed in recent months including making the park a 'dog park', not just one that they can run around in but one where they have their own dedicated play equipment (Council decided to partially fund one in the South Parklands). In the near future residents will be invited to say what type of equipment they would like to see in the park and where it would best be located. My preference would be equipment with fewer moving parts that you would find at Forestville. I've been told that even since that equipment was installed the design of the equipment has changes so as to have a longer life.What do you think? Fencing will also be replaced soon.

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