01 December 2013

Options for Canterbury Tce

The alternate one way options

Two way option.
The above are the final options for Canterbury Tce . Most households will already have received their letter from Council. If you did not and you want to have your say on this matter I can email you the form or you will be able to get it from the Council website. Please take the time to read the alternate options and rank them in order of preference. You then need to return the form to Council. There are several options that allow for the replanting  of trees, residents are now expressing a wish for the trees to be evergreen. Residents of Canterbury Tce will be asked to choose a species after this consultation if they are to be replanted. If you wish to discuss the options  with staff there will be an opportunity to do this at Clarence Park Community Centre from 4pm-6pm on the 11th December.


  1. Hi Jennie, can you advise to whom the Council delivered letters ie which streets. I have not (as of today) not received any letter and I would have thought that anyone south of Forest Ave should be advised as they are likely to be affected. I have searched the web site and I couldn't find any reference to this matter even putting "Canterbury" or "Black Forest" into the search field. Please direct me to the section on the web site.
    Kind regards
    Rob Woodward

  2. The catchment area letter boxed is bounded by both sides of the following streets;Kelvin, Parker, Byron (east of Gordon), Addison (east of Gordon),Coulter, Fairmont and Forest(est of Coulter) ans the west side of East Ave between 94 and 54). Please send me an email if you are out of this area (and you would be effected adversely by a particular decision),and want the 'Have your Say' form to complete.

  3. The document is still be uploaded on Council's webste.

  4. The link to the Council website is as follows; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.aspx?c=28518 You might have to highlight and paste.