18 December 2013

Millswood underpass revamp

The following is how the Eastern Courier reported the proposed revamp of the underpass on Goodwood Rd. While this will  be great if it happens we actually want a train line and station that can be used as well as a more attractive underpass.

New York's High Line linear park inspiration for 

New York's High Line linear park is the inspiration for the redevelopment of the Millswood underpass. Source: News Limited
INSPIRATION may be drawn from New York's High Line linear park in a plan to revitalise the Millswood underpass precinct.
Ashford Labor MP Steph Key and Backyard Studies Institute research director Mark Thomson, who works at Ms Key's electoral office, presented ideas to spruce up the run down area to Unley Council last week.
Creating High Line park turned a dilapidated stretch of elevated railway in Manhattan into a popular tourist attraction by planting gardens, installing benches, lighting and pathways and opening cafes and restaurants.
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Mr Thomson told the council there was a chance to do something similar around the closed Millswood railway station and the 1915-built Goodwood Rd underpass.
"It's basically completely unchanged since it was built," Mr Thomson said.

New York's High Line linear park in ...
New York’s High Line linear park in June 2008. Source: News Limited

"There are all sorts of interesting opportunities.
"The New York High Line was abandoned but has become an incredibly popular tourist attraction (and there are) parallels with Millswood's old infrastructure."
MORE: Transport Department to investigate the reopening of Millswood Station
Ms Key and Mr Thomson were seeking support from the council for a public art project at the precinct to tie in the with 100-year anniversary of the underpass being built.
Mr Thomson said the underpass could be done up to provide an entry statement to Unley.
"You're going through a special place that says that says you are now entering the inner south," Mr Thomson said.
Ms Key first put forward the idea in 2008 but it has struggled to get off the ground.
"I think we needed to have a more developed concept plan," Ms Key said.
"Things have changed so I started again and people still think it's a good idea."
Elected members voted to support the concept and help Ms Key consult the community on ideas for the precinct.
Councillor Bob Schnell said the underpass was a "magnificent structure".
"It was an engineering feat back in those days," Cr Schnell said.
"It's time we tarted up the old structure."
A report said there would be no cost to the council at this stage.
Residents are pushing for the Millswood railway station to be reopened.
How do you feel about the plan? Tell us below.

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  1. I think the station should be reopened so that traffic pressure can be taken off Goodwood Rd