10 December 2013

Full Council; Dec 9th 2013

This meeting is always held at this time, Council will not meet now until late January. Items on the Agenda this month include;
  • A presentation from Steph Key, MP for Ashford, regarding the Millswood Underpass (Goodwood Rd) and then a debate on this item; The revitalization of  the underpass and the area in the vicinity of it is long overdue, including tidying up and reopening Millswood station. This initiative,while welcome, has had no input from the elected members for the Goodwood South. However, this will result in further conversations and residents will be asked for input and feedback. However, it will only be completed if grant funding is available. I hope this is supported by both parties going into the March election or in the end nothing will happen.PASSED
  • Temporary Rd Closures for the Tour Down Under events; PASSED
  • Conservation Grants; These grants are available to assist residents with the appropriate maintenance of heritage properties; both those listed and those contributory items in Conservation Zones. Our current $50,000 budget is inadequate  to fund the works applied for, all of which were supported by the staff. In previous years despite applications being approved it has been the case that many applicants who win these grants do not proceed with the work. Staff have asked that Council consider a higher amount of funding.The higher amount was approved.PASSED
  • Ministers Proposals for Approval of the Heritage Development Plan Amendment; At last after 7 years this is almost there.It was at my instigation that this was 'hurried along' and discussed in my last term on Council. It is, however, disappointing that the Minister did not wish to support the listing of all nominated properties.PASSED, although with some debate and disappointment at the refusal of the Minister to list some properties particularly on Unley Rd. It would seem that the government wishes to allow for maximum corridor growth at the expense of some heritage buildings!
  • Development Plan Amendments Public Consultation; this is the DPA that affects Goodwood South; it is anticipated that consultation will commence in May 2014. PASSED. There was a last minute attempt to exclude tenants from the consultation process, I found this discriminatory and offensive.
  • Nomination to Development Assessment Commission Sub-committee for assessment in Urban Corridor Zones; I've written a separate blog on Council's loss of planning powers in this matter. To have one person representing Unley's interest is better than no one.PASSED
  • Amendments to Residential Parking Permit Policy; This is an interim report before a full investigation and recommendation into an improved Policy.PASSED
  • Encroachment Policy; At the current time Council does not have a policy on this matter and encroachments exist that no approval exists for. in recent times this has including building in the road reserve and even half a tennis court. While I have some empathy for those for whom the encroachment was pre-existing when they purchased their property I have little empathy for those who choose to encroach on Council property or those who knowingly use Council land  and wait to be caught.PASSED
  • Volunteer Graffiti Removal Programme Update; What a success, people love to be involved and to make a difference, as well it saves rate payers money that can be spent on other things.PASSED
  • Elector Representation  Certification Review; PASSED
  • Australia Day Awards (Confidential); PASSED
The Local Area Traffic Management Plan (Black Forest) will not be debated until January. The Agenda can be found at;  http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Council%20Agenda%20Dec%202013%20iPad.pdf

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