16 November 2013

Sugar Gums Pruned

 You may have noticed that the sugar gums in Chromer Pde are being pruned today and tomorrow. As usual DPTI were late in notifying people, letter boxing occurred late yesterday when the contractors had already been booked for this morning. Residents were upset and found the personnel difficult to communicate with. It seems there was a stand off between the arborist (who had to be present) and DPTI over the size of the exclusion zone. Eventually a new arborist was found and the exclusion zone agreed at 3.5 m, unfortunately, this has now been measured form the poles and not the wires!! when I checked this afternoon the mulcher seemed busier than any thing else; let's hope the trees survive and flourish. DPTI also intended to remove a tree from the Princess Margaret playground even though it was at least 7 m from wires or gantry. this tree has been saved for the time being.If you are looking for it, it is the one someone placed the light post in!! 

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  1. Seems this was not the case. While the tree has been saved again thanks to the vigilance of my co-councillor this matter once again leaves DPTI in a very poor light. When I left on Saturday we had been assured by David Bartlett, the head of the electrification project, that the tree would not be removed. He changed his mind and bothered to inform the contractors but not residents, Councillors or anyone else who had shown an interest.This is simply no good enough.