23 November 2013

Government May Have To Take Over Stormwater Management Plan

Ian Hunter, the Minister for the Environment has indicated that the state government may have to take over the proposed stormwater management plan if the 5 Councils (Unley, Burnside, Mitcham, Adelaide and West Torrens) can't come to an agreement in the near future. Unley will discuss an interim report at this Monday's Full Council Meeting. While the CEO reminded me the other day that we didn't want to rush our decision making I did remind him that it had the potential to be well and truly finished by now if it were not for Mitcham's reluctance (some others would use stronger words) to consider a dam in Brown Hill Creek. Seems that the government has committed $4million a year for the next 30 years to get the works done. This was welcome news to me! (information from ABC radio)


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