22 November 2014

Doggy bag shortage: Goodwood Oval

There seems to have been a shortage of bags available at Goodwood Oval for users to pick up after their dogs.  The dispensers here and at Page Park have been hard fort over the years and are now seen as right  by many users. The bags are intended to be used if and when the dog owner  have forgotten their  own supply or did not bring enough for the journey. However, not only do people expect them to be there and not bring a bag from home they also take up to 10 at time  and rely on Council to be the supplier of bags for all their doggy needs.
 Council are currently liaising with the contractor, SOLO, to have a 3rd dispenser installed at Goodwood Oval and correct the tensions of the dispensers, which we hope will discourage the “scrolling on” of the bags.  Council are also trialling a replacement of bags with no handles, which reduces the usefulness of the bags for purposes other than the intended use.
The Rangers will also now additionally check the dispensers as part of their weekly rounds and have a supply of refill bags at the ready, as needed.  

1 comment:

  1. I think that we do not thank council enough for this facility that is a service, not a right. We should also be thankful for the exercise areas provided by council.
    Keep up the good work!
    I am looking forward to the new dog park in the South Parklands.