23 November 2014

Full Council meeting; 24th November

It will be interesting to see how the new Council performs, luckily for new members the agenda is short. However, I see the potential for enormous community anxiety regarding the removal of trees in Heywood Park. Hopefully, replantings will occur of trees that also have the potential to be significant.

Agenda items include;

  • Elected Member Allowances and Benefits Policy; Councillor's allowances and the Mayor's allowance are set by the state government and are no longer decided by Council. The Mayor receives 4 x the Councillor allowance, the Deputy Mayor and chairpersons of  committees  1.25 x. additional allowances are also paid to DAP members and to members on the Centennial Park Board. PASSED
  • Heywood Park Tree Risk Management;A recent risk assessment of the trees in the park have identified 40 trees for removal, 9 are classified as regulated or significant. The report is an information only report but given the recent failures of some other trees (Northgate St) the works will be carried out in the near future for those in urgent need of removal or pruning. PASSED but only after the defeat of an amendment. While the removal of these trees will be painful for the community if done soon , if the process was to be dragged out over 3 years the matter may have been even worse for all concerned.
  • Selection Panel for 2015 Australia Day Awards; Councillors usually choose tow people to assist in assessing the applications to choose the most worthy recipients. PASSED
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor; Council may choose to elect a deputy of not: it would be my preferred position that that this be filled when all other committee positions are filled in January.MY motion PASSED
  • Notice of Motion from Cr Schnell re Sewerage; this motions asks for staff to investigate the concentration of drugs in the recycled water that we use to water our parks and gardens. LOST

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