07 November 2014

Share the path

Some interesting suggestions have come out of the Citizen's Jury convened by the Premier. These include;
  • Allowing adults to use the footpath when it is unsafe to ride on the road
  • Testing people on road rules when they renew their driver's license
  • Leaving a one metre gap when passing a cyclist
  • Connecting existing bike lanes throughout the city
  • Building bike storage cages at major train stations
  • Improving the way cycle lanes are marked
  • Installing green boxes at all major intersections  (wait zone for cyclists in front of cars)
Most of these have been suggested before and some are already used in other states and all over Adelaide.  Hopefully, these will be further debated and those deemed to have further merit implemented. Most would seem to be low cost options that would improve safety for everyone using the roads, not just cyclists.

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